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May 1, 2023 
Memo For Release 
Llenlleney'ten (High Bar First Nation) is made up of interior Salish people who speak the western dialect of Secwepemctsin. The original "core" area habitually used by Llenlleney'ten was located within the area occupied by the Lower Fraser River division and included all the land along both sides of the Fraser River. The principal village of Llenlleney'ten, was situated on the creek located just north of Kelly Creek, identified as Stepta'uzten, meaning "place where the trail goes down. 
The High Bar First Nation (HBFN) Indian Reserve {IR) #1, IR#1A and IR#2 are located on both sides of the Fraser River, and along High Bar Road on the eastern shore of the Fraser. The portion of High Bar Road that runs through the reserve is private and is not available for public use unless specifically authorized by HBFN Council. 
HBFN Council and administration need to be aware of all access to the HBFN reserves and any unauthorized access will be deemed unlawful and dealt with as a trespass of our reserve land as specified under the Indian Act and extant laws. This protected access is meant to ensure the safety of our community members and the general safety of the public at large. HBFN is working with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure 
(Mo Tl) to erect signage along all access roads that are adjacent to the HBFN Reserves to ensure that the public is aware of the restricted status of the High Bar road as it cuts through IR#l. 
HBFN is requesting that the public seek permission from HBFN council and administration before any travel through the reserve is planned or attempted. Note also, that taking of unauthorized pictures and posting of same is highly prohibited. 
Yours sincerely, 
Cc: HBFN Council