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trespassing on HBFN Reserve

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Contact Information

High Bar Nation Members and Affiliate Members; If you have not been in touch with the office recently please contact us (office@hbfn.ca or 250-459-2117) with an updated address and contact information so we can update our files! Kukwstsétsemc.

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HBFN - Strategic Plan - 2020

HBFN Strategic Plan for 2020. Encompassing our Vision, Mission and Goals..

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Status Card Does Not Expire During Covid

In response to questions received from First Nations members, citizens, and stakeholders, Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) is proactively sharing information to ensure that registered persons with status card can access programs, services, rights, and benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 Information

Help phone lines, counselling services, Message from ISC, support for off reserve members, virtual help doctor

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Big Bar Mountain

Big Bar Landslide Incident - Update

In late June, a landslide in a remote, rugged canyon along the Fraser River north of Lillooet was reported to authorities. Huge pieces of rock from a 125-metre cliff had sheered off and crashed in to the river, creating a five-metre waterfall. Based on the magnitude of the obstruction, salmon migrating upstream were impeded from naturally proceeding beyond the landslide.

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